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Hello LTLA family 💗

Whilst there is a huge amount of negativity in media reporting of the Coronavirus, there is still little information being published that gives a balanced perspective in terms of additional things that we can all do while we are more home based.

Please check out our FREE ONLINE HEALTH SEMINAR where I discuss the real practical, simple things we can all be doing right now to help look after ourselves and our families. (In addition to all the government and public health advice which absolutely should be followed)

It’s not all just about virus’s though, as I also cover some of the basic symptoms we commonly have and the relationship with more serious health issues (i.e. bloating, reflux, indigestion, tiredness, gut issues, PMS, headaches etc). I  also discuss how to lose body fat quickly yet in a sustainable way, gut repair and why gut health is key to supporting your immune system.

Ironically, there has never been a better time to really focus on you and your family’s health so I love to share my knowledge with you.

The seminar can be accessed by clicking on this link : Free Online Health Seminar

Please pass this link on to any friends and family so they can join in as well.

Yours in health,


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Gut Repair

Did you know that gut health = optimal health?

Gut issues are growing at a rapid pace and millions of people are struggling without even knowing it.

The gut is like a ringmaster. It regulates and controls our immunity, metabolism, weight, digestion and our brain which includes our moods and even our happiness.

Most people think gut issues only affect the digestion however it is linked to many other health conditions. If you suffering from bloating, wind, digestive upsets or just not feeling yourself and want to feel vibrant have good energy and great well being, it is essential that you have great gut health.

Our Gut Repair Program is one of the quickest and safest programs on the market today.

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Weight Loss

Tried all the diets before but never achieved long term sustainable weight loss?

Whether you need to lose 5kg or 60kg+ (11lbs or 132lbs+) there is a place for you here.

Learn the key to long term sustainable weight loss. Real Foods, no shakes and no exercise - just movement.

Our Mentors are helping so many people with an affordable, easy to follow, 30 to 60 day program that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Vegetarian and Vegan meal plans are also available.

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Looking to tone and firm up quickly?

Designed by our LTLA Health Practitioners and Personal Trainers – a quick and easy to use exercise program with specifically chosen products that caters for ALL activity and fitness levels, ranging from those with a relatively sedentary lifestyle through to those who are very active.

Our programs are tailored to meet your needs and circumstances to ensure you achieve your individual goals.

Suitable for those who have lost weight and now wish to tone; for people looking to improve general health and fitness as well as elite athletes seeking a competitive edge.

The programs work on a 7-day schedule with four workout days and three rest days and are flexible to accommodate those without access to gym and with limited time to exercise as well as those with demanding existing training schedules.

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OK, you are here because you have either regained your health or reached your goal weight with one of our programs or you are just looking for guidance on what foods you or your family should be eating.

So much more than a program, the LTLA LifeStyle is full of practical advice and guidance that will ensure you always maintain the "New You". The LTLA LifeStyle is a philosophy and mindset that ensures you can maintain a healthy, fulfilling and rewarding life forever. This is the LTLA Life.

If you have completed one of our programs, your body is now used to good healthy food and supplementation. Your body is now used to functioning optimally. It does not need to change and by following the LTLA LifeStyle, your health remains front of mind and the risk of falling back into bad habits is significantly reduced.

By repairing your gut or permanently losing weight, you will not only have improved your health markers, you will also have so much more self-belief. This stems from optimal gut health giving you more energy, mental clarity and through weight loss, improved self-image leads to self-confidence and self-fulfillment.

The greatest Wealth is indeed Health and once we have it, we should do everything we can to retain it.

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