When I started my journey on LTLA I didn’t actually realise I was unhealthy.  I was happy but knew I was over eating and eating a lot of chocolate – sometimes two bars at a time if the supermarket deals were right.  But I kept looking at photos especially those of me and my nearly 13 year old.  I was also paddle boarding here in Auckland so was trying to get fit.

I did really well on the program not even giving in to some hot chips my son was having.  Because I stopped and thought about what I was doing and thought about why I was on the program. Before the program I suffered from water retention and inflammation in my knee and was 76.6 kg.

In two months I had lost 15.2 kg. On phase 3 I still lost weight and as I went onto the lifestyle program I had lost 16.4 kg.  Oh my, I have so much more energy and at yoga I feel fantastic as I am lifting 16kg less weight and it feels amazing.  I look back at old photos now and realise now how much healthier I am and my skin and hair and overall health feels so much better.   I am ever so grateful for LTLA.