When I decided to start this program, I was ready to try something new something that wasn’t just calorie counting or a diet or shake diet. I had always struggled to lose weight I would lose a couple of kg’s then put more on, and my weight kept getting higher, so I was ready to make a change, I needed to make a change. I was surprised how easy I found the program and the best part, I did not get hungry or get sweet cravings and being in contact with my mentor (Esha Dwight) was a massive help, the support, communication and being accountable kept me motivated to see the scales every morning which drove me more.

The days turned into weeks and in 90 short days I reached my goal weight and lost a total of 21.6kg and 110cm. After reaching my goal weight i continued to lose and in 23 weeks (160days)  i lost a total of 26.9kg and 148.5cm.  I haven’t been this weight in over 15 years and I’m super proud of myself and I feel so healthy & happy.  I have learnt so much about myself, I now know I can say no to a lot of things and not feel like I’m missing out, I have learnt about gut health, what foods I should eat and how to eat well and I am creating good habits for life. I cannot be more grateful that I found this program (through a friend) and feel I have the support for life.