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This easy to use exercise plan is designed to cater for all fitness levels and can either be used as a stand along program or as a follow on from from your success on either the LTLA Weight Loss Program or LTLA Gut Repair Program.

Created by our LTLA Health Practitioners and Personal Trainers – this is a quick and easy to use exercise program with specifically chosen products that caters for ALL activity and fitness levels, ranging from those with a relatively sedentary lifestyle through to those who are very active.

The plan contains four different sessions, each with their own goals. The program works on a 7-day schedule with four workout days and three rest days and is flexible to accommodate for those without access to gym and with limited time to exercise.

The program’s structure is such that each week can be altered to suit an individual’s needs and body’s response. Provided each of the four sessions are completed once in the week, it does not matter which day they are on. This allows individuals to maximise each session by letting a slightly sore muscle to have a rest day and then targeting another muscle.

Following any weight loss, the session plans may seem somewhat easy to begin with but will progress as you get stronger and start building lean muscle mass.

Another benefit of the program is the ability to either progress or regress any exercise to make it harder or easier based on your current fitness level. The program is also quite varied with many different exercises to keep your workouts interesting and exciting.