Weight loss

Why are we different?

why are we different from all the other weight loss programs?

Designed by Esha Dwight, Australasia’s leading expert on weight loss and gut health; this program is the culmination of 35 years’ experience in the industry and incorporates the very latest scientific and Naturopathic research.

We incorporate the 8 principles of lowering the body weight set point which, when combined with healing the gut, means your weight loss is not only quick, it is long term sustainable. The body set point principle has been known by scientists and researchers for over 60 years, however it is virtually unknown by practitioners and the general public. Understanding this principle and the relationship between the gut and weight is what sets us apart and means… No more Yo-Yo dieting!

Our food lists, meal plans and products are specifically chosen to work in synergy with each other throughout the program in a way that no other diets or programs do.

Gut repair and body set point are the crucial elements in ensuing that weight loss is long term sustainable and failure to address these key areas is why most people regain all, and often more of the weight they have lost on other diets.

So, what does this mean for you?

      • It’s a quick, safe, affordable 30 to 60-day program for both women and men that targets gut repair and body set point.
      • Comprehensive Allowable Food Lists, Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Product Guide, Getting Started Guide.
      • One on one coaching and support from our Mentors that have been on the program and are trained by fully qualified gut repair and weight loss experts. Our Mentors are always on hand to address and assist with any specific issues or questions.
      • Initial assessment to ensure your program is tailored for your specific needs and goals.
      • Real foods, available from supermarkets or your local produce market, no shakes and no exercise, just movement.
      • Access to our LTLA Facebook Community Group where others share their experience and knowledge and our experts advise and guide along lots of great information and easy to view videos.
      • Access to LTLA Recipe Groups for meal preparation inspiration.
      • There is no question about it…what you eat has a huge impact on your overall health. You only need to stop coffee for a couple of days and then get a headache to realise that our body quickly adjusts to a certain way of eating. One of the founders of the prestigious Hippocrates Health Institute said, ‘The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison’. Most of us are consuming many ‘poisons’ that taste good on a daily basis.
      • Our meal plans and food lists are designed by fully qualified gut repair and weight loss experts and are different from any others on the market. The foods are specifically chosen for their gut repair and weight loss properties and incorporate alkaline foods to help adjust your pH levels which are often out of balance when you are carrying too much body fat. Our program will balance your hormones and get your blood sugar levels under control which will then start the process of fat loss.
      • We also teach food techniques that repair the digestive system that are novel yet highly effective. Simple things like not eating and drinking at the same time can dramatically reduce incidences of reflux and indigestion.
      • In a marketplace that is flooded with often conflicting information, LTLA is a one stop shop to learn about weight loss, gut repair, toning, general health, food, the way we eat and the way our bodies function.
      • You will experience amazing results with our weight loss program; however, it is not all about the weight loss it is about the life you will gain after you have lost the weight. Even small amounts of weight loss such as 5 – 10% reductions can lead to dramatic health improvements, not to mention the long-term improvements in mood, self-confidence, energy, flexibility as well as work or sports performance.
      • Once you have reached your weight and health goals and feeling good in your skin again, you will have access to the LTLA LifeStyle that will ensure you retain “The New You” for the rest of your life.
      • Becoming a part of our LTLA community will be the best decision you have every made and will be an ongoing source of new information, advice and guidance as well as lifelong support for you to ensure your continued health and well being.
      • LTLA is all about life after the program: The LTLA LifeStyle

Vegetarian and Vegan meal plans also available

Program Overview

Transition Phase – Goes for 72 hours


This is where you remove some of the foods that have been causing you symptoms such as bloating, indigestion and mood swings and replace them with enjoyable, yet low reactive foods. During this time, you will start to balance your blood sugar levels and start to feel more energetic, have less cravings and your body will start to utilise its own body fat as an energy source.

We have created exclusive LTLA food lists which are designed to be anti-inflammatory and alkalising to your body which is a key preparation component for Phase 2.

Weight Loss – Goes for 27 days


The majority of your weight loss will occur during this short period. You will be given an easy to follow, specialised meal plan, approved food list and a shopping list – plus all the support you need from your LTLA trained Mentor.

Phase 2 is the gut repair and fat burning stage.

By taking your products and following your food lists, your body will start to not only feel more energised due to balancing your insulin levels (insulin is also a fat storage hormone) and blood sugar levels, your hormones will also start to come back into balance.

Specific food cravings will start to disappear, and you will feel the difference in how you move and sleep.

Phase 2 is also where we start to heal the gut and reduce inflammation. Our nutritional products are important during this stage as they help increase your metabolism and enhance detoxification via the liver and bowels.

You will not only lose weight, you will improve all your health markers.

Maintain – Goes for 30 days


Now that you have reached your goal weight, we move into the Maintain Phase where we “Lock in” your new lowered Body Weight Set Point.

This phase will normally last 30 days, however can be less depending on progress and is where we start to re-introduce additional food groups and begin to really teach you how to live healthily for the rest of your life.

Where you have a larger amount of weight to lose, the Maintain Phase is used as a rest period, in advance of repeating Phases 1 and 2 to lose your remaining weight.